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Posting Flies In The Whats In The Box Section.


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I noticed in several other forums and such that they are posting flies with the following information attached. It might be a good idea to adapt this format here in the Whats in the Box section..







Originator: Originator and Tier: (If it is the same person)

Hook: Size and brand name with equivalents

Thread: Brand, color and size










One of the things posting flies in the section with this format will do, is that it will preserve and keep a record of these flies with history. Especially when the originator and tier are the same. You then get it from the horses mouth.

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I dido that Gary :dito: only thing a lot of us my not know the originator. For sure when posting a fly you've tied that a reciept of some sort should be there.


How else will I be able to fill up my empty fly boxes I have know. :devil:


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:


Well your not on your own, and it does make for a challenge to do some research on it. But at the end of the day if you dont know, then you dont know. But that is where a forum is helpful. Because with 700 plus members someone out their might be kind enough to send you a pm to edit the post with some history or the originator or some who knows stuff about the fly. Even if it is their own experience or known hear say to speak of.

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