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Coming To Canada


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Hi my name is David Bell I live in Perth Weat Australia I hope to be in Edmonton around June July next year and as I am a very keen fly fisher (saltwater) I am hoping to be able to visit your club and get a little local knowledge on how and where to catch some of your fantastic fresh water fish.

I have heard that June /July is a good time to come over. if so what size rods would I need to bring ie: 5wt 8wt and what type of fly lines ie: floating intermediate etc.This is the sort of info I would need to improve my chances.

I only practice catch and release.


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Dave B:

D-day Mate!

You will have lots of Daves to keep company with.

We’d be happy to have you attend a meeting and meet the crew. Just how feasible that would be depends on exactly when you arrive. Our regular meetings typically wind up mid to late June. However, don’t despair, I’m sure there are more than a couple of Club members who’d be happy to show you the ropes. Keep in touch via the Forum and we can set something up.

As for rods, anything 5 wt to 8 wt would work. For most of our smaller streams a 4 to 5 wt is ideal, particularly for Arctic Grayling. For lakes and bigger rivers like the Bow a 6 to 7 wt is a good all-purpose rod. If you get to the Crowsnest area and it’s windy, an 8 wt would come in handy.

For lines, you’ll find a floating line would probably be used the most but an intermediate sink (1”/s) and a medium sink (3”/s) would also be useful.

If you’re a saltwater guy, then your flies probably won’t be too useful. You’d be best to buy them from local shops here or beg them from you new-found friends.

Whether or not June is a good month will depend on where you want to fish and the type of spring we have. Ice-out on our local lakes is usually before the first of May, so fishing the stocked potholes for trout will be available. Rivers and streams are another matter. Spring runoff last year almost wiped out stream fishing for most of June. However, last year was kinda unusual with a large snow pack in the mountains and a subsequent long and high water runoff. Come July though, most everything is fishable.

You might want to bring waders. A good par of breathable chest waders will be necessary on most streams early in the season.

So keep in touch and let us know your plans as the time comes nearer.

Dave R

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Dave B Dido to Dave R statements. I'm sure we can make you welcome and make sure that you get in some good fishing. One thing Dave didn't mention If your looking for a mixed bag of fishing here in Canada we can get you out after our fresh water Baracuda the Northern Pike. These critters can get up over 30lbs and lots of big teeth.


Keep in touch and we will try and get together when you arrive.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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There were some really big ones at Wab before the plant shut down.

I have a photo of a large one a friend of my brother's caught near Jasper

Migth not be 30 lb, but dang big.

Lee's Northern Pike 005.jpg

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Thanks Dave & Dennis.

Getting realy excited about coming over. Any one of your fresh water species would be new for me except Brown and rainbow trout. We have a few stocked dams and rivers

Nothing big 2kg max sorry 4lb. hooked heaps of saltwater species over 30lb and some well over that but the thought of catching a wild trout from one of your lakes and rivers would be right up there and one to tick off my bucket list.

All the best

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Big Pike...well 30 pounders are getting to be a rarity. Having said that there are a few place that are not well travelled where you have a good possibility of getting one. Wabamun and few other local lakes may still have the odd one. But in reality you would likely only at best get a 20 pounder. More likely 10-15 are the norm now adays. Cold Lake has some good fish when it comes to Northerns and it can throw a Walleye or two your way as well while pursuing NP. At the same time on the same body of water you can try for Lake Trout in June as they will be near the surface. Being within the top 30 feet during this time of year. We take our eighteen footer with a 150 out to get use around the lake quickly and either use the 9.9 4 stroke or our bow mount electric to fish them in open water. it is great fun.


As for trout from June to July. Most of our streams will be under flood the first half of June and hopefully not the later half like it was this year. We had unseasonably large amounts of snow in the mountains and with a lengthy rainy season in 2012. This made for high water on most our streams until the end of July. Almost unheard of, but it did happen. There are always our stocked lakes for Rainbows, Browns, Brookies as well that can be targeted if that should happen again. For rods if you are going for a mixed bag then a 5wt and a 7 wt is all you need in m humble opinion.


River wise if the conditions are right there is a plethera of river and stream that are great fishing for several different species of trout. From spring creeks to freestone rivers, glacier fed rivers and meandering brooks. It is all here in Alberta.


keep in touch and we will make this happen for you.





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