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"Bragging may not bring happiness, but no man having caught a large fish walks home through an alley."

-Author Unknown


Spurred by dipperdan's question about go-to flies, I did a little mental tally. I'm curious how many different species of fish everyone has caught in total, on flies, and if applicable on one pattern. I've caught a total of 24 species of fish, 17 of them on flies, and 15 on Wooly Buggers. I stated earlier that I'd caught 14 species on Wooly Buggers, but I forgot about Sauger.


Wooly Buggers-

1. Yellow Perch

2. Northern Pike

3. Walleye

4. Sauger

5. Mountain Whitefish

6. Lake Whitefish

7. Inconnu

8. Arctic Grayling

9. Rainbow Trout

10. Brown Trout

11. Brook Trout

12. Cutthroat Trout

13. Lake Trout

14. Goldeye

15. Mooneye



16. Sea Perch

17. Tiger Trout

18. Black-Nosed Dace



19. American Shad

20. Arctic Char

21. Dolly Varden

22. Saltwater Sculpin

23. Pacific Lingcod

24. American Eel


Updates to come as I brush off the cobwebs. :)

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I did a little reading, and #22 was not a saltwater sculpin. I described it to someone once, and that's what they thought it was. But the fish I caught actually looked a lot like a Wobbegong shark. I caught it off a pier in Nova Scotia when I was ten, and it was so heavy my older brother had to help me lift it out of the water.

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Thanks phlygirl. Honestly, I had never thought about it, but once I got going I was very pleased. There were some pretty happy childhood memories buried way down deep (pun intended). And now I have more fishing stories to tell! :)


So how about this? Collectively, we have literally centuries of fishing experience in our club, and I know some of you have caught species I have not. I'm talking to you, Cuba Crew! Anyone curious how many different kinds of fish have been caught by the members of our club, in total? I know I am.

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Here's a quick list for me:

I'm not going to attribute species to any particualr fly as I'm non discrimanatory as to fly choice, otrher than whatever works.

From your wooly bugger list, the only one I've not caught on flies is an Inconnu.

But to the freshwater on a fly list you an add:

Kokanee, Squafish, Carp and Sculpin

Move the Lake Trout to the "gear" list and put the Dollys on both gear and flies.

I've not caught Sea Perch or Tiger Trout (yet) ditto American Eel, Lingcod and Shad

To the cold saltwater on the fly fly list (west coast) add:

Coho, Pink, Chum and Sockeye Salmon and Rock Cod with Chinook Salmon and Halibut on the gear list

For warm saltwater fish on flies (Cuba) you can add:

Bonefish, Tarpon, Snapper, Jack Cravelle, Triggerfish, Cowfish, and Barracuda

with warm brackish water on gear (louisiana) add:

Red Drum, Sea Trout, Lagemouth Bass, and Blue and Channel Catfish

I think that adds 24 species to your list.

That is it for now


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