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I have a small but growing collection of fly tying and fly fishing books. Thanks to Jack it grew lots at last winters seminar.

Today I managed to rescue a couple from the recycle bin and am happy for that. It's a shame what some people think is garbage.

The titles of today's rescue are..

-The Practical Fly Fisherman, by AJ McClane

-Fly Fishing Strategy by Doug Swisher and Carl Richards and illustrated by Dave Whitlock

-Art Flick's Master Fly Tying Guide by Art Flick,Ed Koch, Lefty Kreh, Ted Niemeyer,Carl Richards, Ernest Schwiebert, Helen Shaw,Doug Swisher and last on the cover list Dave Whitelock.

-Fly Fishermans Fly Tying(magazine) Feb 1988


All are in excellent shape. Today is a good day..:)

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