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Thanksgiving Recipe


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Excellent recipe to try on Thanksgiving Sunday!


Take 4 friends,

Add some nice water (in this case we selected Ram River),

Fish several hours, alternating between sun and slight overcast

Return to camp for an outstanding seafood chowder and delicous sandwiches, supplied by Kenzi!


It doesn't get much better.








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It was a beautiful day on the N. Ram, with great friends. I had learned so much and took the opportunity to drill my fellow mates with questions. THANK YOU!

Greg had done awesome!! And caught the first fish..

Supper was absolutely fantabulous thank you Kenzi.

Michael, my total count was four in all various colors and sizes not five or six like I had said. :)

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Looks like all of you had a great time. I would have been there to share but it was Turkey Day at our house and there is no way of changing it after 21 years. But I was dreaming of being behind a flyrod that day as it was a gorgeous day at home.

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Haha this will be our new family tradition..for turkey day with or with out kids! I was more at home on the river than at a dinner! ;) how sweet it was!!

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