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Went out to Dismal with George I. on Tuesday to check out his designated site, DC10, downstream of the bridge. George had completed upstream of the bridge early last month. Not only was it Dismal Creek it was "dismal weather" as well. We no sooner got started and the rain and wind came up. An hour and a half later the rain turned to sleet then snow. We gave it a good effort but only had one rise to the "hopper", none were taken on the dropper. At least the guides didn't freeze up on us. What a day to forget the rusty nail(s) back home.




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...Johnny, with the weather you guys had,the rusty nails would have given you piles...good thing you forgot them...area DC10, is that west or east of the bridge on Wolf Lake road?...

...any time you want to hit Dismal again, let me know, I'm interested...thanks for sharing your trip out...

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It was both, George had fished the upstream portion a month or so ago, I teamed up with him for the downstream section on Tuesday. Always good to get out and yes if we get a good couple of days I would be game to go again. I would like to try out those big yellow beetle bugs that I tied up for Muir before the 31st as well.


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