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Nlft Entomology Collection



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  1. 1. Do you think that a collection of insects for the NLFT would be beneficial to members and would make a good teaching tool?

    • Yes
    • None
    • Maybe

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At the last meeting I attend. It was suggested that the club start an entomology collection of bugs from Alberta waters and especially from local waters. This would be NFLT property and can be stored in the library cases on site.This can be used in many ways to benefit members of NFLT both novice and veterans. A collection would allow members to see actual sizes to specific waters and for the novice the challenge of identifying bugs is made easy with the real creature in hand. I believe every club in the world should have such a collection. Anyone can contribute and members can if interested use keys to identify the species as a group or individually by using books that already exists in the club library. It is easy to do and can be fun, especially when the fishing slows down on your trip.


For our family on outings this was a past time with my children, hmmm quality time with the kiddlets while on a fishing trip. That makes mama happy.


It doesnt stop with just insects as a collection of minnows, leeches and terrestrials is a good idea as well.


Below are a few links that would make collecting easier if you are interested.








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I voted yes and I can bring my own small collection to illustrate. Maybe some fresh bugs as well, weather permitting.

No unnecessary killing of bugs required, once you have a couple of specimens and you know you are not adding new

species, just let them go. Otherwise, no harm done on the population.

I suggest an evening program (or more) on bug collecting.

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