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Brook Trout Invasion


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Interesting storey in the Globe and Mail this morning regarding the invasion of brook trout at Hidden Lake and the status of cutthroat trout in our province. Go to the Globe & Mail (search for the article called "Killing one species to save another") to have a read and while I've not had a chance to see it yet there is a video on their website about the restoration of cutthroat trout in Hidden Lake and the link is tgam.ca/banff-fish



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As much as I love to fish Brookies, they are an invasive species. Over all in Alberta there stocking has not proven overly successful. They have not been as successful a planting when compared to Rainbows and Browns. Often they stay small and are not an easy fish to catch for most anglers. I view them as an invasive species because they are notorious for eating other sport/game fish eggs and fry. For the most part Brookies in our native streams do not reach larger sizes ( there are rare exceptions) and for their size they cause a horrendous amout of damage to both native and non native sport species in the same water. When it comes to Brookies I believe they should only be introduced into Alberta waters that are closed systems. But get them out of our river systems, especially where Bull Trout, Rainbows and Cutthroats are native sport fish.

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