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Wedge Pond


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I've not fished Wedge Pond but there are 2 others not far away Bears pond and theres one just above it name escapes me its on the same trail. Take a belly boat if at all possible. I've been to Bear. Grayling about 14 to 16inches. I used a size 12 or 14 olive bead head grhe. I also have used my small olive llama leech with a red bead and had very good success. Damsal my work at this time also. drys that a crap shot adams for sure Griffith knat also a elk hair caddis would be worth a try. Have fun hope this helpls a bit :thumbup::thumbup: . Hike to Bear Pond not bad with belly boat about 2min up hill but not terrible :clap::clap: .


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S. :fishing:


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Been to a few lakes in the Kananaskis area. The easiest hike in being Elbow lake. Takes roughly 15-20 minutes to hike. Can fish from shore, may want to bring along waders. Cutts in the size range of 10-12 inches. Most of our success was using dry flies.

Now for a more challenging trip, one might want to try hiking into Lillian lake. The hike in takes about 2 - 2 1/2 hours, straight up hill all the way. Once there, try Galatea lake, it is only 1 km away. Both lakes produce some good size cutts. Again, here we had most of our succeess using dry fly patterns.

Another lake to try would be Rawson Lake. I have never been to this lake, but have heard good things about it. It is another fair hike in.

Enjoy your weekend and hope that this little bit of info helps.


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