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Elk River And Beyond.


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Hey fella's

Mackenzie and I are heading to the Elk for the long weekend and plan on staying a day or two extra after the crowds leave. The tribs will be closed but the Elk itself will still be open.

Anyone wish to share some easy walk and wade spots that might hold some fish? Kenzie's health requires it to be somewhat of an easy walk and wade situation. Also maybe a couple more difficult spots to walk to as she has agreed to give me some serious fishin time as well...;-)


Then from there we make our way towards Vernon to visit my Gramps. We will have my aluminum boat and electric motor with us so we are looking for some nice lake suggestions as well.



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It's best to always get a copy of the regs and read them before heading out to the water you want to fish. As far as I know you first need a B C license and in order to fish a trib of the Elk you need to buy a classified water license which will call you an extra 20 bucks. Depending on where you buy the classified water license the people doing the paper work may or may not know what the regs are. I do believe the tribs are still open. Pop into Vic's shop when your in the Crow area and they'll set you straight.



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Jim, I dont know if you would have the time on your way back. But take a serious look at St. Marys River at Cardston. It is a great river with very nice large rainbows and Browns. Fish it north of Spring Coulee opposite the bank of the Blackfoot Reserve if you get a chance. Hoppers in a size 8 or 10 should be a killer right now.

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Thx Vince

I will definatly stop in. Part of the fun is hitting all the fly shops along the way...


Now to hurry up and get my chores done so I can get down the road. Gona be couple days behind but should work out fine..

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