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Rat Creek Report


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Tuan and I fished Rat Creek on Friday. On the first cast, I tossed a small hopper/dropper into a pool. I cast again, turned to Tuan to make a smart-bum remark about there being no fish in this spot, lets move on. In that short span of a couple of seconds, I heard the fish strike behind me. Within 15 minutes we both landed fish at that first pool.


By the end of the day , we spent a few hours at Rat Creek and landed 9 grayling. We struck out at Zeta creek though.


Great news - another creek with a confirmed grayling population in our study zone.

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Andrew and I made it out to RC3 and RC5. Skunked! Same old story- perfect looking habitat, no signs of fish. There was even a pretty good mixed hatch in the evening, with mayflies, caddis, midges, and even a few tiny stoneflies. Not one rise. How deep/large do you think a pool has to be for them to overwinter in it? I've caught grayling in smaller pools on the LSR in the fall, so if they were schooling up they should've been there. If it's too early for them to pack into the pools, then they should've been spread out in "trouty" locations, right? I admit we didn't cover enough water for my liking (hard going, daylight burning), but the water we fished, we fished the heck out of. Andrew cast a foam beetle the whole time. I tried various dries, soft hackles, nymphs, and streamers.

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