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Beaver Lake Survey

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Hi all, Greg here, in my daily check of my emails I came across this one from TUC.




17/08/2012 For Immediate Release


Rocky Konynenbelt


AESRD Beaver Lake Survey



We have been asked to forward this message to all of the TUC chapters in Alberta regarding an online survey about fishing regulation changes at Beaver Lake near Caroline, Alberta. Note the survey deadline of Sep 4.


Beaver Lake is part of the Quality Stocked Fisheries (QSF) program, which are trout-stocked waters managed to promote the growth of larger and older fish compared to general trout-stocked waters. Based on recent monitoring, Beaver Lake is no longer achieving the QSF objective of 10-15% of trout in the population being 50 cm or larger. Angler pressure and harvest relating to the current angling regulation has resulted in a decline of fish over 50 cm to less than 5% of the overall population.

There are different angling regulations that can be applied to achieve the QSF objectives at Beaver Lake. Fisheries Management will benefit from your input on the regulation change options. Please review the information and regulation options at the website below, and take the online survey:



The results of that online survey will become part of the public consultation necessary for the selection of which regulation option the majority of anglers support toward the desired fishery objectives.


Call if you have any questions. Thank-you.


Rocky Konynenbelt

Fisheries Technician

Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development - Clearwater Area

P.O. Box 1720, Rocky Mountain House AB T4T 1B3

Tel: (403) 845-8268, Fax: (403) 845-4750

E-mail: rocklyn.konynenbelt@gov.ab.ca


For more information on Clearwater Fisheries Management, please visit our website at:


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