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Hello All, for those who will attend the Clave at Wolf Lake for the Grayling Survey this coming Aug 17,18,19th Grayling Fly Swap Please bag your fly with a tag ; name of fly, receipe and your name.

Hey Dan,   Looks like Heather and I will bring cake again for potluck, if that works for everyone.     QT

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...well after landing three fish here, we decided to head back to the truck...back at the trailhead ...we noticed these areas before we started out...the soil at that time was moist, later in the day, which is now, you can tell that the soil dried up...poses the age old question...should have ventured out...answer..."YOU BETCHA"...looking around we see other areas where the ground was dug up by some animal...Dan and Doug are assessing the diggings...which animal...our guess is a bear...




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...well that's it for this area...considered successful as we managed to land three grayling...we fished for approximately two hours...the next area will be from Area DC13...the area the we did not find access to last year, but said to ourselves that we are going to find a way in this year...

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There were not many bugs around. We saw a few mayflies in the air, but we didn't see anything coming off the water. There were also midges. Up at the car we saw lots of grasshoppers, but we didn't see any on the streambanks. I took my inspiration from Doug and used a Tom Bomb with natural elk hair and grizzly hackle for my searching fly.



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...well this is the last story for this trip...we finally made it you to area DC13...so there will be more stories, stories, stories...well as you know, we had area assigned to us last year and finding no access, we gave up way to easy...so this year we were bound and determined to find it...after a short walk across the field, we see a cut line...so we decided to walk down for a ways...plenty of wet spongy ground, not too too bad for walking, slippery...so we kept walking and walking and walking...we finally arrived at the well site that was indicated on the map...now we know the creek is close...







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...we noticed another cut line to the right and it was heading downhill, so we figured this would lead us to the creek...so we started the trek...low and behold we finally arrived at the creek...after walking the trail for an hour, it was a long walk with satisfying results...in the water, we look upstream, then look downstream and the straight across...we decide to go upstream first...




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...this where yours truly caught most of his fish, just below the riffles...looking further down the pool, it has to be at least eight feet deep or even deeper...and to the south side of the pool, a little run off...




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...we are heading back from a fine day of fishing...walking the cutline...the last hill to climb, after an hour of walking, we finally arrived back at the truck...what a beautiful sight...another successful day on the water...finished, done, ran out of pictures (whew)...enjoy these and get ready for the next trip report...



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