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...we managed to walk around this obstruction...only mid thigh deep at the obstruction...past the obstruction, we were in waist deep water... doesn't look that deep, but looks are deceiving...look at the undercut banks...thinking brown trout are we...


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Hello All, for those who will attend the Clave at Wolf Lake for the Grayling Survey this coming Aug 17,18,19th Grayling Fly Swap Please bag your fly with a tag ; name of fly, receipe and your name.

Hey Dan,   Looks like Heather and I will bring cake again for potluck, if that works for everyone.     QT

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...we had no choice to get out of the creek again...no way in double hockey sticks that we were getting around this...scrambled on to the bank and worked our way along the bank again...great looking water, but still no fish...


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Paul great report and very nice pictures. Looks like you got your excercise for the month on that trip.


To bad about being no fish sounds like the river is a bit silty but lots of cover and sounds like there is depth.


Rick, Brandi, & I will have to get out in the next couple of weeks.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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Meanwhile, down on section 12 a ways downstream we are seeing this:




This is in canyon water with steep slopes covered with deadfall on both sides. The stream is wide with riffles and runs. There are sweepers and woody debris providing cover, plus boulders to break the flow. The pools are few and far between. There are deeper runs with 3-4 feet of water that look like they should hold fish. But we only caught one 270 mm grayling in 2 plus hours of fishing. We saw a couple small grayling coming for the fly but they couldn't get their mouths around it.

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...well, back to posting more pictures and continuing on with the story so to speak...after checking areas DC15 and DC16, there was not much daylight left in the day, so we decided to try out area DC13a...the honey hole from last year...arriving at Dismal Creek again, it is hard to tell if the water levels are up, down or they remained the same...I'll post some pictures from year to compare with the new one from this year...check it out for yourself...




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