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Hello All, for those who will attend the Clave at Wolf Lake for the Grayling Survey this coming Aug 17,18,19th

Grayling Fly Swap

Please bag your fly with a tag ; name of fly, receipe and your name. So the other participant can tie it if they so chose.


The Saturday night Pot Luck, it would be nice if we can have a varied menu.

Irene and I will bring a Broccoli salad, hope no one is alergic to nuts?


You can also bring your favorite Scotch and tales to tell.


Any questions please PM me .( to PM someone, clik on the persons name , you will then be taken to the next screen , on the right side you will see " send me a message " , clik that and send your message. )


I have booked 2 sites # 10 and #11 , we have room on each site for 2 units , so far Michael and Jim, David and Scott are in #10 , in site #11 , Quentin and Mrs T , youngins , Paul, Irene and myself. I hope anyone else whom is coming has called Rolf to book a site.

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Hello All, for those who will attend the Clave at Wolf Lake for the Grayling Survey this coming Aug 17,18,19th Grayling Fly Swap Please bag your fly with a tag ; name of fly, receipe and your name.

Hey Dan,   Looks like Heather and I will bring cake again for potluck, if that works for everyone.     QT

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...twelve little elk hair caddis flies, bagged and tagged and ready for their maiden flight to Wolf Lake...I know we only needed to tie up eight, but I just couldn't help myself...the leftovers can go towards donations...

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...for the pot luck meal, I will make a potato, chicken and onion hash and whatever else I decide to throw in...maybe some mushrooms... is this ok with everyone? I can still adjust the menu if required...me thinks that after a few scotch... :cheers::drinked::cheers: ...anyways,Thursday can't come fast enough...just way too much fun on these outings...see you Friday...



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Sounds great to me. :clapping: Looks like its gunna be a fine weekend and waters are down and fishy . Doug Como is planning on joining us. I picked up my bottle of something special last night and an extra little surprize too.

See you all tomora....... :swimmingking::coffee4:

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Hi All, We had another great time , fish ,yes Arctic Grayling were caught by each pairing. John was not able to make it ,but, Doug Como from Calgary pulled in to help Quintin to do their section . Micheal D. was a single so Scott and David helped him out and were successful as well .

Paul and I were in again, we were to do site 13 last year in the first part of the survey. Not to sure of the area , we were reluctant to walk so far to the river . This time around we felt more in tune with the area and we ventured in . After a 1 hr hike in , we found the creek and happened on a honey hole , right there in front of us , how could that happen.....Nice.....We managed 6 fish with not much effort. Short on time , we checked up stream and it looked quite congested with downed trees and big trees. We ventured down. We found another hole , not quite as the first , but it did look good. nope no action. Farther down it flattened out and our time to start back was nearing. We tossed in at the Honey hole but the fish seemed to shut off. We each had a hit but nothing in , time to head back to the truck. Another up hill , and muskegg soaked route back to the truck. An hour later we get to the truck ,the truck was a nice site to see, than a good half hr drive back to camp . Time to set up for the potluck and swap and a bit of scotch. Yes ,,we all had a great time and everyone was ready for the next outing, after a rest of course. A big thanks to all that participated. Pictures to follow.

2012 Grayling Survey 2 (12).JPG

2012 Grayling Survey 2 (13).JPG

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Dan looks like you guys had a good time. To bad I couldn't make out this time. It's also nice to see that some fish are being caught. I hope I can make the next one.


What was the fly of chose this time around.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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...well, because this is the clave site...I figured that I would just post the pictures here...it may take a bit as there are many pictures and the little description that goes with each picture takes time...I'm a look for the letter on the keyboard, then push it kind of typist...


,,,anyways, lets begin, shall we...we started out heading to area DC16...after an hour on the road from Wolf Lake campground, we arrived at the site...this is what we found...the pictures were taken from the bridge...





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...back into the bush...easier to walk the creek...but with the silt, muddies up the water really good...it's a double edge sword...very difficult to walk the banks...really spongy and lots of hidden holes...we still see no visible signs of fish...


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