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Elk River Trip

Jim Fox

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I posted a notice about this a few months ago but it seems to have disappeared from the Forum. I'm hosting another FF@ Alberta Klave (though this one's in BC) and inviting you Northern Lights flyfishers along. We will be there August 27-Sepbember 2 and it should be a great trip


Location - I managed to get up to the Elk last Thursday and found a few good camping sites. The primary – the one that can accommodate a large group and is easily accessible from the highway is located on the river just south of Elkford on Highway 43. To get there, you need to first get to Sparwood, BC (if you need directions there, email me off list). Go through Sparwood on Hwy 43 and drive 24km (14.8 miles) north of the Elk River Bridge. The turn off is on the east side of the road and I will put a sign up when I get there. The camping is rough, with no services. If you like more comfort, Elkford is about 8km (5 miles) up the road and has a campground with services and motels.


Timing – I will be there on Monday, August 27 and will be staying through to the morning of September 2. A variety of fishing-related adventures are in store for the week. We traditionally do a pot luck, this year on Friday night because we have some people leaving Saturday.


Licenses – the Elk and its tributaries are Classified Waters (Class II) under BC’s system. This requires that you have both a general angling license as well as a Classified Water license. For BC residents, these are both flat fees but for those not living in BC, there is a $20/day fee for the Classified Water license. More info on licenses can be found here: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/fw/fish/licences/


Regulations can be found here: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/fw/fish/regulations/docs/1113/fishing-synopsis_2011-13_region4.pdf


A number of you have mentioned you are interested already. I’d appreciate a confirmation email (jim_and_dorothy@hotmail.com) if you are still interested in coming by, just so we know to send out a search party if you don’t show up. Also, I will be sending out some more specific information, including a hatch chart and a scanned map of the area and I can’t send these attachments to the list.


Looking forward to seeing some of you there,


Jim Fox

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Looks like Kenzie and I will be doing a whirlwind trip for this one.

She gets off the plane in Edmonton on the 31 at 330. I will pick her up at the airport and start driving south from there.

We hope to float the river Saturday with some peeps that know the way and that Kenzie can handle the pontoon. She has oared my aluminum on the lake so think she shud be fine.

Sunday we hope to float a different part of the river with peeps that know and if not will do some wade fishing.

Then head home bright an early Monday morn.

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