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Manitoba Trophy Trout Fishing


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Hello Gary

We were out there last July, stayed in Yurts at Assisspi Park, on Lake of the Prairies. It is between Roblin and Russell. I did manage to catch a few tigers at Twin in a couple of hrs of fishing. I fished few other lakes, in the big wind , nada fish. If'n you want more info Pm me and we can talk.



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Have been there the last two seasons. Going back from Sept. 15-24 to hopefully get in on the exciting backswimmer flights. The fishing is usually awesome during this time.


I usually go late May to mid June and this June the weather was terrible but still managed to get some large trout. Tiger trout, 26" (7-8lbs), rainbows to 28" and browns to 28". PM me if you want more info. Phil Rowley takes hosted trips there twice a year and would be worth an e-mail as well.

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I went with Phil last fall, and the weather was terrible. Fishing was slow, but they're big. Very big. Do not use lighter than 10lbs tippet. 8lbs was fine for the average fish, but then I'd hook a big one and get broken off. I think they're pretty educated fish, and they fight like the dickens; I lost more than I landed. I learned a few things. I'd like to go back next spring.


I put together a slide show and presented it to the Old Timers Fishing Club in June. I'll trim it down and show it to the club this fall.

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