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Fishing Report For July 7-8/12


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Fished Abraham Lake on Saturday. This is a huge body of water. Good idea not to get to close to the edge for if you fall in you wont get out. The water along the edge ranges from 5' to 30' and it drops straight down with nothing to grab to pull yourself out.


Surface temperature averaged 12c so needless to say there was little to no bug action and the visibility was only about 18" so no lakers caught this day. I did however manage to catch a small lake chub or two in some pocket water that forms when the water is low. Speaking of low water the lake is only about half full and they say it will be full by the end of august. I found water that was 209' deep with the high water marks looking like they would add another 50 to 70' or so.


Fished a small creek on Sunday and had a gas. I took my three weight along and am glad I did. I brought a couple handfuls of 6 to 8" Brookies to my net. They sure are cute little fellas.


Both Days where in the 30's with a light breeze and only a few clouds.


Also learned I need to tie some smaller dries....;-)

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