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Grayling Survey Field Kit Distributi​on


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If you still want to take part in the survey, but didn't get the email below, please reply to me here. There is still time to sign up!



Only a few more days until the streams officially open! This recent rain has caused flow rates to raise significantly, but hopefully things will be back under control by the time you get your field kits.

The kick-off meeting will be at Golder's brand new office in the west end on Wednesday June 20 at 7:00 p.m.

Golder Associates Ltd.

16820 – 107 Avenue

Edmonton, Alberta T5P 4C3

We will be going over the instructions, assigning teams, and passing out the field kits.

I know some of you have replied that you can't make it to the first session. No worries - let me know when you are free and we will arrange something else. Some of you are headed out on the 23rd, others will be going in July.


Here's what we need to know now:

1) Are you coming to the meeting on June 20?

2) If not, please let us know when is a better time.

3) If you don't think you'll be able to participate, please let me know that too.

4) If you haven't already replied, let me know if you have a GPS and/or camera that you can bring.

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