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Coming To Edmonton To Teach, Looking To Do Some Fly Fishing


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I am a new instructor at the University of Alberta. Periodically I will fly into Edmonton to teach short courses in the School of Business. As an avid fly fisherman, I was hoping to bring my gear with me and get some fly fishing in.


The club I belong to is Diablo Valley Fly Fishermen, which is a large club in Northern California (360 members). Here is our website: http://www.diablovalleyflyfish.org/. I fish for trout, bass, stripers, shad, steelhead, and salmon.


As you can imagine, I know nothing about your rivers and lakes. I was wondering if any club members would like to fish with me, swap fish stories, and catch a fish or two.


My next series of classes start on Sept 24 and end on Sept 27. I can be available to fish on Sunday the 23rd, Friday the 28th, or Sat the 29th.


My phone number is 925-459-8755. Thanks very much.


Kind regards,

Dan Madison


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Hello DanM

Welcome, what is your preferance, Browns, Bow, Cutties, Bulls, Grayling. The Boatman may still be happening,the Goldeye and Mooneye should still be around. Streams , Lakes. How far do you like to drive for a days fishing? For the southern rivers, the Bow is a 3 hr drive and the Crowsnest is about 5hrs . Some decent lakes are 2hrs away. The mountains to the west, streams and ponds are 3 to 4 hrs . We have a few choices, I'm sure we could stir up someone to fish with. Our club is doing a Graying survey out west, if you are interested, there would be an option. We will try to keep you busy!!!!!!



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DanM & Dan that would be a great time to do a grayling outing on the Little Smokey. If nothing else the Freeman. That why DanM may catch a fish he may not have ever caught. Not sure but even a bull trout could be presauded to be caught.


As Dan said depends on what you would like to catch. And yes we will make sure someone can get you out onto some water at that time.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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Hi Dan, welcome to the club. Keep in touch. Too hard to predict this far ahead for me, but I work in the B-school and you should come by my office on your next trip to Edmonton. I know where the good coffee is. Pike is another fish you do not see in your area...


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Hi Guys,


Thanks so much for your hospitality. I have a nice layover in Edmonton from Sept 28 to the 30th. Then I have to drive down to Calgary. Gary Garhan has been so accommodating to take me out fishing. I am really looking forward to it.


Tight lines,


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