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Local Pothole


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Hello,has anyone fished the local POTHOLE lakes yet this year?


I'm looking for some quick fishing oppotunities and I've heard Muir is a good spot and that Chickakoo has Brook Trout in it.


I don't really want to take the drive and find out that these little ponds have winter killed.


Big fish are not my main concern any information would be great.




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There are lots and lots of fish in Muir Lake, as of last Saturday. There's also easy boat access, and parking.


Read the signs before you fish, as there's a bait ban and a size restriction to pay attention to.



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Haven't heard of any winter kill this yr as of yet. Not sure what end of town your at as mention Miur a good one. Other's is Star If you want to fish from shore you have Beaumont pond. You could give Mornville or Cardiff. If you don't mind a bit of a drive you have Dolberg out by Barrhead. That one a nice day fishing trip. Your Alberta Fishing Guide will help along with most of these.


Good Luck and enjoy.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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The best resource I know of for fishing reports like these is The Fishin' Hole. They keep a whiteboard in every location, and most of the local fisheries have weekly updated reports. A visit or phone call to one of their locations should get you what you need.

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