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Forum Etiquette

dave robinson

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With a number of new registrants on this forum, it’s a good time to provide some basic forum information and remind folks about some basic etiquette.


This forum is the property of The Northern Lights Fly Tyers, - Trout Unlimited Edmonton. It’s primary purpose is to provide a communication tool for members of NLFTTUC with a secondary purpose of enabling sharing of information on fly fishing, fly tying and the conservation of our coldwater resources.


Non-members of NLFT are welcome to join the form and exchange information and ideas in keeping with the purposes of the forum. We desire an open, lively and friendly atmosphere to prevail. Discussion, ideas, photographic information and conversations that bear on the above purposes are encouraged. We expect all such communications to be honest, accurate, civil and respectful in tone.


Forum administrators and moderators are appointed by the NLFTTUC Executive and have the right to edit or delete unacceptable posts and accept, reject or block posters to the forum. These decisions are at the sole discretion of the administrators and moderators


There are some basic rules surrounding the use of this forum.


Posters who provide spoofed e-mail addresses, spambots or attempt to hide their true identity from the moderators will be permanently blocked.


We have an absolute no tolerance policy for posts that are:

Illegal, profane or pornographic

Libelous, slanderous, abusive, harassing, dishonest

Spam, phishing, trolling or intended to obtain personal information from users

Commercial in nature without the consent of the NLFT executive

Such posts will be immediately removed and the poster permanently blocked


We have a very low tolerance for post that are:

Disrespectful, denigrating, dismissive of others or antagonistic

An infringement of copy rite or plagiarisms

or fail to accurately attribute content to the creator

Such posts will be removed immediately and the poster warned

A second offence will result in the poster being permanently blocked


Adherence to the above will keep this forum a friendly and useful place for those who love our pastime.

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Guest ArticWolf

I have a few questions to you Dave in respect to this thread and post of yours...

#1..what is the purpose of this post, seeing how everyone has now understood the real reason why this forum was put together for your club..no worries on that..and keep it that way ...

#2..are you trying to "bait", myself or any of my friends into responding to your thread/post in a negative way...

#3..and my last question to you is ..do you want me to stop posting fly patterns in this site which I think would help give everyone the inspiration to tie any of the fly patterns I have put up..........


Not too many questions for you , I hope.......

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AW -


What dave is saying relative to your questions....


1. Yes. This is a club forum. It was never intended to be the 'be-all' forum for Alberta or western canada. The bulk of users are club members, past and present.


2. No. Dave is not the type to 'bait' people into online flame wars. He was however reiterating the original intents of this site.


3. Where posting patterns is concerned, we're THRILLED to have patterns offered, and shared. What Dave refers to however, is clarity as to the source. If you find a pattern online, and wish to replicate it here - feel free. But provide the SOURCE. I've seen more than one pattern posted where it appeared that the poster was the creator of the pattern, when in fact the content had been duplicated from another place. (You may recall I provided that source to one of your posts.)


We hold activities on this forum to the same standard we hold the activities of our members and friends in person - respect, humility and forthright conduct. Simple. So - no. Nobody is being baited, but it's clear that the forum rules of etiquette needed to be clarified.

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