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Florin April 18Th Presentation


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I just would like to thank Florin for a great presentation this week. This was a very, very good attempt at such short notice, as well as and very informative. Reminds me of some of the Club Tying Events years past. I think there will be two new patterns added to my test flybox this year. I am now informed on UV.


Does anyone use the Nymphing rig in question, I am on the hunt for the tippet rings, or at least see one. I thought i could buy a few swivels and butcher them, but they are not the same. I may have to source them out of the states with a few furled leaders. Boy has the technique changed over the years..... when you think your seen everything?


Thanks for a great presentation, job well done



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Guest ArticWolf

Does anyone use the Nymphing rig in question, I am on the hunt for the tippet rings

I take it that there is a Michael's in Edmonton, if so they have a bead section..they sell a very fine copper link chain..this I what I use..the breaking point would be around 20 +lbs...so no worries even though the link looks so tiny and thin,,

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I got mine here: http://www.jsflyfishing.com/cgi-bin/item/LL-295020-0000/search/Niche-Products-Mini-Tippet-Rings.html . They are expensive and they work as advertised. That is a good shop, I ordered from them several times.

Put the rings on a safety pin the moment you get the package. This makes it easier to thread the leader through and you do not lose them. I have not lost any yet, other than those that fell out of the original packaging after I opened it and carried it around my tackle bag for a while.

Tight threads/lines,


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