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Sorry,don't mean to ignore all of you newbies. This site has been commatos for quite a long time, and fishing time is nearing. Its great to have you all on board, hope you don't get bored with us. I don't see any action from the regular members. I'm away on vacation for the next few weeks, so,

Good Hooken Up to all.



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Guest ArticWolf

bout time Bruce...for a while there thought u took mt former job...

..Dan...we aren't 'newbies'...actually, we have been around for some time and have been ask to WAKE UP this forum..and while you are out there fishing, don't forget to take some scenic shots, so we all can enjoy your trip........

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Guest redfly

Well Rooster big Welcome m8 and glad ya joined the site from another northwesterner have some fun and enjoy the site Bruce they be a friendly bunch in here

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Thanks for the welcomes everyone......I am afraid my work schedule interferes with my tying and fishing but I look forward to meeting some new folks! Now I have a date with the tying bench and a few Carey Specials!


Tight lines everyone!

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