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Boat & Sportsman Show


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Well another year has come and gone. Thank you to all the volunteers that helped. I was there for Sat. and at time's it was crazy we had kids lined up waiting. It was sure great to see all the smiles on the kids faces when they got to take their flies with them. I got asked by several parents how much it was to let them tie the fly and they actually looked shocked when we told them it was free. So again everyone thanks for all your time and one more to go.




Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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Had a great time at the Show this weekend! Thoroughly enjoyed the kids faces as they walked away. And was very surprised to see such a vast range of ages tying with us. Ages four to twenty four! ;)

I look forward to the next one.



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Helped out Saturday.

I had two highlites .


The Best one was , after helping a wee one ty the fly, she says thank you very much and gave me a big hug. She proceded to wait for Paul F to finish with another wee one and gave him a big hug. Her dad told us , Paul had helped her ty her first fly last year . What a great feeling.


Second was when Brian Hep. lured in a little lepricon, actually a grandmother dressed in green. She talked to us for quite a while and left with a big grin on her face, telling us we were a lot of fun.


Another fun time at the Sportsman and Boat show .



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