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Stauffer beaver dam removal

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We have changed the project date to Sunday June 18. Don Andersen also convinced me that 8 am is too early, so we will meet at 9 am at the Stauffer Store.


There are two beaver dams that I know about:


one above the Buck For Wildlife bridge, but below the catttle watering site


one above the bridge upstream (straight west from the store).


Does anyone know about others that need removal?





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Hey Michael. I'd be happy to help out now that the date has been changed to a Sunday but I work Sat night 'til about 4:30am. :blink: If I could get a ride with you or another TU member so I don't fall asleep at the wheel on the way home then you can count me in. Let me know if this is workable and if it is; what equipment I should bring.



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Doc - You are more than welcome to ride with me - since I'll be along too.. :)




Thanks Scratch, I'll take you up on that. :) I was kinda choked that the original date was for a Saturday and now that it's been changed to a Sunday I just needed a ride to make the trip (pulling all nighters can make driving a little scarry :blink: ). I assume some are also bringing their rods? :fishing: Not that that's important but if I'm riding with you; and you're fishing after working then I don't want to be standing around with my thumb up my butt. If you're comming to Flies 'N' Beer :cheers: this Monday we can work out the details. Thanks again. :D
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6:30am @ Ceils. I'll be there with... (bells are for worm drownders :beating: )Strike indicators on! :whoot:


Yah, ok that wasn't funny :blink:


I'm sorry your Honor, I'm dyslexic... I thought she was yelling, "On, On!" :wacko:

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Yeah me as well, out of town guests on Saturday for FIVE DAYS!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!

First I break down on the way to Muir now I have company coming, nexy my Mother In Law will be moving in with us!!!! :blink:

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Being my first time working on a dam removal I thought it went great! Hard work, but a good time was had by all. I learned that 4mm neoprene waders are rather hot in 30 degree weather!


6 Dam's was my count and I'm sure there were several more partially broken dam's that could be removed as well. It's quite possible that we could do another day of work on the water. We'll see. I'm in if there is another day scheduled.

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