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Material For Sa Hopper


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I'm doing a tribute to Roman and Tying the SA hopper


I will have enough material with me that if you don't have the right stuff I will.


Only thing I'm limited of will be the tread and the Zap-a-Gap.


With the thread olive or Black will work. Because we are working with Deer or Elk hair it should be at least 6/0 thread if possible.


Hopefully we will see all out tomorrow night. Great pattern and Great person.


Dennis S.

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...a fantastic evening tonight...I counted 14 tying vices out and one person prepping hackles by hand tonight...it was great seeing all the participation among the experienced and novice tyers...we definitely need more of these nights...kudos to Dennis doing a bang up job of tying tonight :bow: ...looking forward to the next tying session... :clap:

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Paul thank you for the complement. I enjoyed Tying the SA hadn't tied one in some time. Funny how you move away from patterns you have previous good luck.

It was nice to revisit the pattern and am going to make sure I have some in my fly box.


It was nice to remanise about Roman. It's hard to believe it was 2005 when he passed away.


Yes it was nice to see so many vises in the crowd tonight. It's been a long time since thats happened.

We will be doing more one fly nights for sure. We will get verious tyiers envolved.


I'm seriously thinking of getting Vince to Tye his favourite Nymph.


Again Paul thank you.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S. :fishing::fish_jump:

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I concur with Paul's comment. Nice tie and nice to remember Roman.


As for the comment about Vince,...I didn't know a CFF came in a nymph form.



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if I remember correctly I think that was Don's intention. Let it Drift as a dry and strip it back as a wet.


Ha Dave Vince got himself a Avitar. Can I have that one with the little bear beside the fisherman. I think thats great.


Tight lines Always


Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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