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Calgary Show


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Hi Everyone,


Watched a presentation by Rick Hafele. He let everyone know about a new E-Magazine For Fly Fishers started by himself, Skip Morris, and Dave Hughes. It is called HookedNow (hookednow.com).


Talked to Jack Dennis (or maybe he talked to me?) - I got a word in after he talked non-stop to me for 3 Hours! He needs to rush from Calgary to Jackson Hole On Sunday afternoon to sign the papers which complete the sale of his shop on Monday. No doubt that will be a big event for him and has likely been on his mind lately.


Tim Rajeff casting presentations are fun to watch. His brother Steve has a world record distance cast for a single rod of 247 feet! The fly line has been recorded at going a speed of around 208 miles an hour.


Nothing else to report as the show is becoming somewhat stale in my view.


Take care,



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Thanks Tim, good to hear Jack has recovered from his trip to Edmonton. Not able to make it this year I'm on call, and getting my gear ready to go camping in 2 weeks. Sounds like it will be a fun filled weekend.



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Another good day. I realized a number of exhibitors were not represented this year including the Fishin' Hole. Bill Robertson did make it to the show, but was expected to pay for his entrance which bothered some of the other exhibitors.


I forgot to mention that yesterday I saw a presentation by April Vokey and was quite impressed. She is polished and informative and certainly better on the eyes than many of the presenters and attendees we have at our seminars!


One of the more popular products to get sold today was the TFO instruction Fly Rod with yarn. Fish Tales Fly Shop brought 70 to the show today and sold them all! I hear cats really like them.


Despite my view of the show becoming stale and the fact that many exhibitors and presenters have not returned, Rick Leblanc told me that the show had record numbers come through the doors on Friday. I must say today seemed very busy and so would not be surprised if this trend had continued.


As far as club members that I saw, Pauline and Frank, Kristi, and Chuck Harvey were about today. Bill Gouge and our Super Fly members were also at the show but of course working.



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The show was particularly interesting for myself Saturday, I saw lots of stuff I wanted ... looked at the stuff I NEED ... and drooled at the stuff I could only dream of. All while learning a little bit too ;) I also made some connections took care of some business For some members and visited with some club members that had attended. The work shop Tropical Temptations that Greg and I had attended was pretty cool. I tied along with Terry Johnson who focused on bait-fish, crab and shrimp patterns including the "10x10". Terry is a regular trip leader on fly fishing excursions to Cuba. Who has recently returned from Christmas Island! He seemed very calm cool and focused not to mention patient. He also mentioned that I had not done too badly in keeping up for a nooby tyer (my words). =) Before that Greg and I had watched a little bit on how to cast. And watching the presentation has just accelerated the flames with in the urge is HOT :rangerbob: I had an opportunity to listen to and have an intimate chat with April Volky and think that she is one damn amazing talent. Overall we had enjoyed ourselves on Saturday.

On Sunday Greg and I were about to head out to the Exposition center to attend the work shop "Exploring the ritual of building Fly Rods" with Geoff Pieroway. All to find out that our clutch was gone on the car. So the day was spent in our friends garage trouble shooting the problem. And after bleeding the hydraulic system several different times thinking that the last time we were in there we may have left air in the system. But we had come to the conclusion that the "hydraulic system had given up the ghost" (Greg’s words) and with that we looked a bit further to find that the Slave cylinder is for sure in fact shot! (Cry cry). So at about five thirty- six we packed it all up and cleaned up and decided that yes indeed we could get home without stopping "fingers crossed".. Hoping to not stop as it hurts the baby and is strenuous on her starter to start the car in gear. Not to mention trying to shift without the clutch as we come to a slow or start to gain speed!

All in all after a day of action and a little stress and a whole lot of being tired, Greg and I did make it home safely around ten last night.


And with this I apologise to those that I had told Saturday that I would see and or speak to them on Sunday! I hope you understand.

I will see you Wednesday

Take care and be well


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