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Much to think about in terms of who we would like to get in but for now I'm going to start this off by suggesting that we look at getting in Jason Borger and perhaps a fellow like Charlie Craven. We've had Jason's dad (Gary Borger) present and I think he did an outstanding job and from what I hear Jason is quite good but some checking of his programes would be in order.


Another fellow to consider would be a lake guy and my suggestion would be someone like Denny Rickards.


As always, I think one stream guy and one lake guy would cover a two day programe quite well.



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We could look at a father son team Gary & Jason Borger. yes others could be Brian Chan also maybe a repeat of Todd Ohsi as he still had lots of stuff to present plus some tying he wanted to do. We could look at April Volky but I would like to check that her programs are trout related not all Steel head fishing. I've heard she does a very good show.

I've heard John Barr(inventor of Copper John & others) does a good show. For lakes we could also like at Kelly Gallop( he is a bit expensive but we may be able to cut a deal of some kind with him.)

Or we can Start over have Ed Engle or Rick Haffle.


More name we get the better the show we can have. So lets hear some more ideas or confirmation of some of the names already presented.


Tight Lines Always


Dennis S

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How about some of our local talent. Vic Bergman's name has been mentioned but, as said, he wasn't interested in the past? We have a River Guide, Casting instrutor,Flytyer in our club, Barry White, I'm sure He would provide us with some very interesting material from all of his years of liveing , Fishing, Guideing and Photographing right here in our area. Maybe Don Anderson could give us some views from fishing in his prospective.

Just my 2 cents.

Yes ,I would like to see,Brian Chan, Todd Oshi as well and always enjoy Phil ( who should be one to have a PHD on fishing ).



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