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Ok apparently I won these work shops listed below.. We will see.. But is there anyone going to the show at all?? Let me know as it would be cool to meet up! :huh: :huh:








1. Two passes to "Explore the Ritual of Building Fly Rods" - Host: Geoff Pieroway

2. Two passes to "Tropical Temptations" - Host: Terry Johnson


About the Workshops


"Explore the Ritual of Building Fly Rods"

with Geoff Pieroway


Workshop time: January 29th, 2012 (9:30am - 11:30am)


Sponsored by: Pieroway Fly Rods


This workshop is not just about rod assembly. Instead it looks deeply into how

builders are using lathes to make truly customized reel seats and cork handles from

exotic turning blocks and individual cork rings. During this two-hour session we'll

skip over the science of graphite blanks and instead hone in on the artistry of

constructing your own components to produce a completed personalized fly rod. Geoff

will show you how to turn reel seat inserts, assemble unique checkerboard handles,

wrap guides, inlay feathers & weaves and demonstrate how to produce that 'factory

epoxy finish'. Armed with this knowledge he'll then discuss the repair and

refurbishment of fly rods so that you can either get your favorite stick back in

action or retire it to your wall of fame.



"Tropical Temptations"

with Terry Johnson


Workshop time: January 28th, 2012 (2:30pm - 4:30pm)


Sponsored by: Fish Tales Fly Shop


Join Terry for this workshop focused on baitfish, crab, and shrimp patterns

including his "10 x 10" and other personal favorites. Terry's a regular trip leader

on fly fishing excursions to Cuba and has recently returned from Christmas Island.



Visit www.flyfishingevents.com for more info on the Western Canadian Fly Fishing



Drawing to be held Tuesday January 17 @ 8PM. You may enter by replying to this

thread. This draw is for BOTH sets of tickets.




"There is an indescribable something about a fly dressed by an expert amateur who is a practical salmon fisherman which the fly dressed by a non-angling professional frequently lacks." -T.E. Pryce-Tannatt

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Great to know that several of you, will be down there and that a couple of you will be working it..now I guess I wont feel so alone and lost lol! I'll be sure to watch for you all. I'll be staying with a friend saturday night. And will be there Saturday and Sunday..


I'm totally looking forward to the next two weekends!! :peacefingers:


This is all so new to me still but I'm catching on fast I think! :catch:

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