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Thanks again for the link. As I had missed Peter Little's UV presentation I really enjoyed watching his presentation on YouTube. I paid special attention to his comments on the UV factor on May Fly wings which caused me to think about the flies I have used and why some appeared to work really well while others seemed to be a dud...though the dud factor could be attributed to the fellow casting the fly. Peter indicated that wings of white, cream and gray (dun) seemed to match the UV factor of the real thing. This has now caused me to think about the colors of the clothes we wear while fishing.


If the above colors have a positive effect on the fish being able to see the fly thereby increasing our odds of a hook-up should we now discontinue the use of white, cream or gray on our waders, vest, jacket and hat. I don't know anyone who wears white but cream and gray are very popular wader, jacket and hat colors....something to think about. Perhaps we should get the Rit Dye out and dye everything a green or dark tan color.





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Something also of interest, is the fish ( Rockies in particular ) going after the indicators ,often the orange colour. Vinny you would not know this, ( just for the nymphers ) . I generally do not use the indicator, but using it last weekend is what caught me the fish. I believe we should tie indicators with hooks and maybe call them droppers, or stimulators or such. Maybe dyeing our vests orange , this would attract the fish closer and we wouldn't have to cast as far. Come to think of it, Emerson was wearing some orange on his lapel , he was catching lotsa Rockies. HHHHHHHHmmmmmmmmm!!!!!Good subject for a club meeting, don't you agree???? :coffeetime: I wonder how the fishing was today, bet they were biting!!!!


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I try to match the hatch, ( similar size to the scud , usually # 10 , # 12, some may be tiny ) ,Its good to use a heavy wire hook, for the Large fish!

When the scuds are swimming they are straighter so , I use a straight hook, or slight bend.

When the scuds are feeding or dead they are curled up .

You can also add a bit of pink to the mid section, to imitate the pregnant female.


Hope this helps.



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