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January 11th Meeting

dave robinson

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Dr Micahael Sullivan will give a presentation on the staus of the Battle River and its fisheries.

That was a fantastic presentation. It was particularly interesting to get a clear picture of the real causes for the state, and the likely future state of these rivers. Dr Sullivan is certainly highly qualified to bring us this message, and did so with great competence.


Now, what are we doing, or what can we do to make a difference? Is there a message we can promote? Is there an issue to lobby?



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Yes to all your questions there Quentin, I believe we can make a difference, promote a message and lobby an issue. And I think it all starts with our young.... I have thought about this topic allot this evening and I would like to try and see if we could present this presentation on a lesser scale with just as much impact to varying ages and grades; to our future in hand.

I think the Battle River presentation is a great tool for students of all ages to learn about our environment, forestry/wetlands, ecology, agriculture, fish, wildlife, and economics of our past world and of our now over developing world and our future diminished world if we don't take action now.

Children, kids, our young, us as a F/F and angling community, and our fellow beings that have a zest for life; will have a great and passionate drive with the right motivation. I envision speaking to my friends, family, coworkers, scholars, STUDENTS of all ages and grades, my community and hitting this topic hard with the right materials and a bit of extra information, knowledge and education.

But before all this happens (I) we have to make the first move. I know what I'm going to do. Do you? or does anybody else know what they will do to get the ball rolling???

And this Quentin is where we as a community will get the ball rolling....



Compassionately and passionately eager,

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Oh! I also found Dr. Michael Sullivan's presentation to be executed in such a manner that it was more than moving. I left the meeting very emotional and AWARE. His presentation has rekindled the fire I have for wanting to live life to the fullest and getting out there and playing in our back yard.... Swamps ponds and the sort. My kids don't have that luxuri as I did growing up. We have to travel out a bit before we find a marsh... :( so so unfortunate..

I remember a time not so long ago catching frogs and snails, minnows and garter snakes as a child. In the far west end.. before the destruction of the twin theaters and the development of Anthony Henday....



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