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What To Tye?


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Ok, now that I have a collection of all sorts. I really should focus on tying for here and now. Is there any advise on what I could or should be tying for this time of year? ::ice fish::

I'm also needing to learn about types of flyes and where and when to use them any pointers... PLEASE don't hold back.. "send me the links or suggestions that I can read, study or look into!" :laugh:







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Just to kick things off, If you're talking patterns for where we normally fish then here's a start


Drys (mostly mayflies)

Griffiths Gnats - #8 to #20

Adams - #12 to 18

Blue Winged Olive * - #14 to 20

Pale Morning Dun * - #12 to 18

Royal Wulff - #10 to 18

CFF - #12 to 18 (Vince's favorite)

Green Drake * - #8 to 14



Hares Ear - #12 to 18

Pheasant Tail - #12 to 18

Evil Weevil or Prince Nymph #12 to 18

Wiebe Worm - (laser wrap) #10 to 18

Mountain midge #16 to 20


Names with a * can be imitated by a variety of specific patterns and variations

Many can be concocted by tying a parachute pattern in the appropriate color etc


I"ll leave stone flies, hoppers, ants, back swimmers, wooly buggers, dragon and damsel nymphs to others to suggest specific patterns

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With respect to the dry flies that Dave listed, they are winners ....though the size range he uses are somewhat different than the size's I use. I don't use nymphs that much so I won't comment on those but I do carry a box of them in case the urge hits me and it does for about 5 minutes each year.


The CFF is a killer fly and over the years the majority of fish caught were on a #14 so while I have a few smaller (none larger) I generally use a #14. All of us tye the CFF a bit differently so go to Don Andersen's site for the correct tye method ....found at http://bamboorods.ca/

The Adams Irresistable in a 14, 16 is also a killer fly and the regular Adams (parachute and non-parachute) in a 14, 16 and 18 are must haves.


The one pattern that, for me, is a must have are the RS Quad series of flies. These flies were brought to my attention by Barry Wright and there is no way on earth that I would ever hit a stream without having them in my boxes. There are also a number of other flies that would be must haves and I think the better question would be to find out what patterns our members use on lakes, on streams and on big rivers. My thoughts on fly patterns revolve around small streams cause thats what I love and what I carry and use will change depending on where I am and the size of the water.


Hope this helps Kristi



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Kristi there are so many choices out there and not many are wrong. Nothing wrong with Dave's list and for sure what Vince said is good advise also.


a Couple that I wouldn't be with out are parachute adams as Vince says size 14 16 18. Here's a secert if you tied the Adams parachute in olives, tans, yellow black from size 10 to 18 you could imatate almost all the mayfly's out there. One simple tie different colors. Same with the Elk hair caddis if you tied it in different colors 10 down to 18 you also match stone flies & if you tied it in yellow size 10 you could match hoppers.


see 2 patterns and you've got most of the dry flies covered


but here are some others for you



Griffiths Gnat size 14 16 18. like Vince said CFF and again 14 16 would be my choice of sizes. Another that I would add is a Elk Hair Caddis size 12 14 16 18 ( olive, tan, black)


size 8 & 10 stimulator for hoppers & Stone flies yellow, olive, orange


I guess no fly box would be complete without 4 or 5 doz Chornoble Ants Tan. Yellow, black. olive size 8 to 14


Then woolly bugger size 4 to 12 color your choice olive, black. purple, brown light & dark,


Then as Dave said I would not be without a gold ribbed hares ear size 10 to 18, Same with pheasent tail, then a prince nymph from about size 8 to 18. You could substatute it with an evil weevil which has become one of my favourites.


There is just so many out there to choose from.


Have fun.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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I second all of the above!!!!

You will find your own, go to flies, each individual does. What looks good to you, looks good to the fish. The more you fish and understand the flies you use and how they should be fished all helps.

How they react in the water , how you fish them. Two people can use the same fly , in the same area and have different catch rates. DO Not let this frustrate you , the catching is the like the final reward.That book you just finished reading and finding out the ending. Some books are better than others and some are Fantastic.

I had a great day yesterday, met a newby to the club, fished with a good friend, met up with other good friends and caught a small fish,( not a big fish, but a fish non the less ) catching in the smaller range means the big ones are haveing fun , so hopefully the small one will grow up to be a big one, we hope and produce more small to big ones."" Smell the Flowers""

All in All, start with the basic flies as pointed out above and grow from there, it all depends on what you want to catch and where you want to fish. Vince prefers smaller creeks and using dry flies ( we tease him alot, but we all like to fish for fish ) we might be able to get him into some subsurface fishing sometime in the near future , Hopefully before his knees give out.....

Baby steps



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As for your Question above .Ice Fishing , Dave , Ice Fishing.... And another thing, these all work well for spring , summer and fall flyfishing. Chironomids, Scuds, and Backswimmers are very good to have, ( too many patterns to suggest ). And they can also be used for Ice Fishing, Dave, Ice Fishing. ( adding weight to them of course , )

:coffeetime: Hope this helps




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Yes it does Dan; thanks. lol. And thanks everyone for the great suggestions.



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