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January Seminar - Program


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We are still working out the final sequencing of topics for the program. Phil and Jack will present about 6 topics each over the 2 days. They will alternate turns throughout the day and the demo sessions will be spread through program.


Here is the list of topics: in no particular order:


•The Naked Truth – Floating Lines in Stillwaters

•Terminal Solutions (leader formulas)

•Baitfish patterns in Lakes

•Boatman and Backswimmers

•Top 10 Stillwater Habits

•Favorite Stillwaters in North America

•Stillwater Fly tying demo

•Czech (European) Nymphing

•What Fish See (Green River Experiment)

•Tying demo – How to build a better dry fly

•How to get a PhD in flyfishing

•Tying demo – World of the Blue Winged Olive

•25 of the Best Fly Fishing Tips

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