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Well Erin (sp?) and Gentlemen;


Fist off I'd like to make late introductions of my squids!! Mia and Gabriel. And yes they are a great handfull at the best of times. :blink: I know that as of Monday past the mention of having them come out was exillerating and special to them. Every day after school they asked if it was fly tying night. My response was 2 more sleeps, one more sleep, nope its tonight! and their faces lit up!

So with some aprehension I brought them out to give them a feel and I'd have to say it's not their cup of Juice! At the moment. But as we were driving home they asked questions about stuff that they overheard in reguards to tying and I answered to the best of my knoweledge. So I inwardly hope that this evening has hooked enough curiosity, that they in time gain a greater intrest.


Secondley many thank you's to everyone that helped myself and my children out. I greatly appreciate the generous gestures and genuine intrest in making my children feel welcome, at home and special not to mention entertained. *sigh* I know that it will be some time and I mean some time (ALOT) before I bring Mia and Gabriel out again. :beating: I also want to thank those of you that sat with me and helped me with procedure and answering questions that I had. Even just talking about materiels and how to's.


Last but not least, as I feel it is most important. I opologise for the behaviour of my "quids". All the new faces and new enviroment is exciting. (Im not making excuses, for their behavior, I was miledly disapointed) They test waters fast and to the extreme. "they are my showboats" and they love to perform. So if there is anything that I had not caught I am truely sorry. I also feel that I need to say some sorrys as maybe some of the club members did not get to tye as they had hoped as there was a disturbance in the free tye night. I knew full on that I was going to not have the evening to submerge myself as I wanted. But in hand would be tying "for the kids" their flys that "they tied" lol! :laugh:


Again thanks so much for everyones efforts. Myself and the children enjoyed the evening. And yet at the same time my opologies to those that I may have offended. :(

I'll see you all next week I hope! :unsure:

And I WILL be solo!


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It is always great to meet the youngens. The club members that help out at the Childrens booth in the spring are well atuned to them. I believe it is what the club is about. Teaching the young and old that want to learn and coaching the ones whom their parents want them to have the experience and later tying.


my 2 cents. Dan

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