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Auction Night


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Boys and Girls


I'm here to tell all of you what a great time I had this past Saturday night at our annual auction. The facility and its staff were terrific and very acommadating and they should be thanked for doing a great job. The food was perfect, there was lots so I ate lots and I mean lots...no anchovies though...what gives with that?


We enjoyed a ton of fun at our table and by a looking around I think all of the tables were having fun. Got to see and share some thoughts with some people that I've not seen in a while...always enjoyable.


I walked away without being a winner of the fish pulls (great job on building the fish Emmerson) but hey, at least I got some free tickets and some 5 buck tickets unlike my buddy Rick who got all of the 10 buck tickets. I did however, had to keep boths eyes out for a fellow (you know who you are) that kept putting my name on an item that I truly and I mean truly not interested in....just wait till next year.


My thanks to all that put this event together...job very well done.



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Vince I 2nd your comments. It was a great evening and as you said fun was had by all.


A big hand to all the organizers and the help. Also thank you to on the donators. Thank you big time.


I like Vince tried hard for that Winston Rod but as usually no luck.


I did manage to get myself a Rio Windcutter line for a good price.


Food was fantastic and lots of it.


Can not wait until next year.


And most Importantly Thank you to all the came out.


Tight lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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