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Beaumont Pond


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Just thought i would post a report on the Beaumont Pond.


Spent the last couple of days out at Beaumont Pond teaching a young one how to flyfish, great experience. Could find any reports, so though i would try it out. Fishing is very tough, not many risers at late evening, but seen a few big fish gulping chironomids just below the surface. This pond has an abundance of food and forage fish. One evening i spent time watching the insects hatch, as Ranger Bob would say I gave up about two pints of fresh blood for the experience, between sporadic rain showers and sunshine you could actually match the chrono/mosquito hatch for about 1/2 an hour then it was all over.

I did see two ducks fishing for minnows, and one actually came up with what i though was a crayfish, anyone seen them in this pond? I was amazed by the seize, this one was about 4 inches long.

I have seen them at the man made pond in Morinville.


Cheers Roy...


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