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Ideas For A Fishing Trip This Week?


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Hi all,


I've got a bit of an issue I'm hoping to get some help with. Don't worry, it isn't a rash, nor does it require a psycologist. I have this coming week off from work, and it will be my last, other than Christmas as March Break, until this time next year. I need to get some fishing done now, or I'm low on luck for the year.


I'm considering heading down to the Bow for Wednesday/Thursday, but I'm completely unfamiliar with it. I have a SOT kayak, a float tube, and waders. Would I be able to make a decent day or day and a half on the Bow by wading? Would the Kayak be usable on the Bow?


Similarly, I'm open for some ideas for day trips, with a preference to stream fishing, if you've got any suggestions. As I'm from Nova Scotia, you may need to spell out some of the details for me; essentially, treat me like a 6 year old when it comes to Alberta geography, etc.


Any help or advice is appreciated. Further, if someone is interested in teaming up for a trip, I'm open to that as well.



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Hello Quentin

You may want to float the Bow with Barry White ( bowriver,barry@gmail.com ) cell 780 999 0695 .

Barry is a member of the club and has Guided on the Bow for as long as you can remember,is a FFF casting instructor as well. Barry is very helpful and will show the ropes on the Bow. I have floated with Barry a few times and he is forgiving,( if you are not that good of a caster) , and can straighten you out , on your bad habits.

Wading can be successful ,depending on the river flows , not sure how they are now, but most streams in Alberta have been high all year. You can check ( flyfishcalgary.com) for some info.


Lakes may be your best bet, but not sure how they are, ( I've been away and out of the loop ). Caroline area ( west of Red Deer ) may be a good choice for lakes ( Beaver, Ironside, Mitchell, Fiesta, ) there are afew others in the area,if you are camping.

Hope this helps some.



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I too can recommend a trip with Barry. I usually take one each spring with him. The last couple of yeas the fishing has been slow due to early runoff from the Highwood, but fish have been caught. Early August should be hopper season and if water levels permit it can be exciting. Barry doesn't just float the river, he will stop and let you wade fish some nice spots. He's also an expert on the river wildlife, so it can be an entertaining trip.

If you want something closer to home, try the Freeman River. Dennis and I were there yesterday and did quite well. I lost count at a dozen and Dennis did better than me. We caught some of the largest graying we've seen in that river in a long time. A couple pushed 15". If you want more specific directions send me a personal message via the board.


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Quentin The recommondation to give Barry a call is a good one. Barry is a really nice guy and he will give you lots of help. It's likely best to use a guide on the Bow for your first time out.


Day trips there are lots of options open to you. The main thing is what you really want to catch. Most of the rivers are starting to come down and fishable. If it's browns your looking for SW to the Caroline area would be a good bet. Praire would be a good bet. You could try the Raven or if your very adventurous and have lots of flies the North Raven. (N. Raven is one of the toughest streams around.) Clearwater is a good one is its down. As Doc said Blackstone is a good one but that one tough to do in a day. Garyling streams you could give some of the streams out towards Edson Embarass is one Mcleod will get you Rainbows, Grayling, Rocky Mountian white fish, Some Bull Trout & brookies higher up.

As Dave said we had pretty good luck on the Freeman for grayling. Thats up in the Swan Hills area.


Fishing any of these streams be sure to take lots of hopper patterns(yellow, or tan) with you. They worked will Sunday.


There are a few suggestion for you. Good luck let us know how you made out.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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Thanks to all. I would love to go fishing with Barry White on the Bow. I met him briefly in April, and he seems to be a wonderful person. It's a bit pricey for just one person, though.


I appreciate the recommendations. If I could get it coordinated with my wife, then I think I'd head to the Caroline area. I like the sound of the "Good bet" at Prarie. I take it that's a river? Perhaps someone would be willing to PM me a set of directions to an access point?


Today, at Cabelas, we picked up some waders for my 10 yr old son. It's about time to take him out to have him learn to get eaten alive by bugs....err....to learn to imitate bugs for fishing :)



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Quentin you sure can not go wrong in the Caroline area. You have the opportunity to catch a big verity of fishes. Prairie Creek is a good one for sure. Be sure to have hoppers, this is the time of year for them. Yellow & Tan. Colors of my choice. size 8's & 10's

Picking up a Back Roads Central Ab Map book will be a really big help with River access spots. Also don't be scarred to talk to farmers for permission to fish on their property, most are a friendly lot.


Good luck with your son it should be a hoot. I can not wait for my Grandson to get old enough to take out and teach. That going to be a few years down the road since the oldest is only 2yr.


Have a great time.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S. :fishing::fish_jump:

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