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Remembering Rocky


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Yes, Rocky will truly be missed. As you said Bob,the stories seemed to get better, the more he told of his experiences, the funnier they got. He was a kind man and fun to be around . Any word on his funeral?



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Rocky was one of Kind. He sure could put a smile on your face and as everyone has said his stories were never ending. Some of his fishing experinces will never be forgot. I still laugh when I think of them. I am so glad I got to enjoy him and be come one of his friends.


Rocky will surely be missed. Fishing will never be the same where he's at know. Another good one gone.


God Bless




Dennis S


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I am saddened by the news of Rocky's passing. He was a giant spirit in a tiny package. His sense of humour will always be with me, the lewd jokes, and the tales of his time in and out of the service.


Truly a loss to us all.


Land a few big ones for us Rocky.

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I too was saddened to hear of Rocky's passing. I was fortunate to talk to him both at at the Fishin Hole show and the last time he visited a club meeting. I'll always remember a couple of his stories plus a couple of stories about him as a club member. Rocky was a solid club member when his health permitted and always brought laughter with him. He'll be missed

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Rocky was a man who could keep you in stiches for hours when he got going. He had a million stories and the more you laughed the better the stories got. He will be missed. He was a good friend.

Just a reminder....... .

Spreading of Rocky's ashes, Sat July 30th Mount Pleasant cemetry 106 st 52 -54 ave 2:00pm

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