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Hi Scratch. Hey is there any way to edit the spelling in the title? It doesn't seem to be possible to edit anything but the body of the post? I misspelled Fisherman.....yeesh! In one of my posts....sigh and now the world knows I am verbally challenged. :lol:

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Don't worry Guys may speling is prety ;) bad two english some times not so great either. Not sure if its my first or second language, come think of it I guess english is both my first & second and only language . It looks like I'm in great companie. :clap::cheers::clap:


Have a great weekend I'm off to Peppers Lake, Brookies then Elk Creek, Browns Bulls the odd Brookie then Elk creek Pond, Rainbows then if theres time maybe Hummingbrid for some Cutts. If nothing else I will be tying flies. :clap::clap: Home for Monday again. :(:(:(


Don't worry about the spelling if nothingelse blame it on fat fingers. I do.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fishing:


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