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Muir Lk. question


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Hi there! Well I went to Muir Lake a week ago, more just to find it than fish it. I was totally impressed by the work all of you have done there, very informative, well done useable, I loved it! The fishing pier is interesting and I see the challenges there that you have to deal with. The question I had was, why is it so high off the water? Is it to allow for flycasting? Or to allow for lake levels coming up? The reason I ask, id that being from the coast I have spent alot of time on piers, wharves and floats and I was wondering if you had thought of having this floating as well? Obviously you have and I am just missing the point, but to deal with tides, some marinas and private dock owners have put in pilings, built the float to fit between them and then used steel rings to slide over the piles and bolt to the wharf, so that the wharf floats up and down with the water level. Put a hinged ramp to the main walk and it allows for quite a bit of level fluctuation. I know I am missing the point of the height off the surface, I was thinking back cast? Anyway, my 1/4 of a Looneys' worth. I would like to be able to make it for a work party here one day, I will keep watching the posts...Kerry

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