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May Long Weekend


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Well ,so many fishers and so few reports.


Four of the Finest went a Fisen down to the Caroline area. And quess what?


We went Fisen and we caught Fis.


First day we fised a little lake north of Burnstick and one nice 3lber Dougy was caught shortly after entering the water. We had great hopes, but that was the end of catching . We then took to Phylis have lunch and to hook into a hen or two ,but no way, a couple of perch, suckers,( didn't know they were there ) the fis , silly, and new stockers were caught. A vallant effort by us all. One hen was caught on Power Bait no less ,not by us silly, it looked like the guy did put it back though.


Day 2 , got up very early, thinking we would fool the fis, well we sure got fooled again.We then went to Beaver dreaming of Rainbows jumping into the sky with our fly's in their mouths, and well at times 25 + boats on the water .Yes there were fis caught , by some of us, not little old me.....Tried Phyl again yes more stockers caught and a last years stocker was caught a 2 lber Dipper, nice to see, mostly cause I caught it, finally.


The third day , we ventured to Mitchell , give or take 10 to 12 boats at any time. Another Dougy fis was caught, we saw 2 or 3 more fis caught, but not by the other 3 of us, it was slow, again.

We ventured a little north, Ironside and that was better , 6 boats and everyone were into fis, this years stockers mind you , but still fis. Oh ya, one of the lucky buggers caught a couple of nicer bigger Pauly Fis, not a virgin anymore!!!!!


Sunday night , dreams of a early morning again. Well the songs came on the radio and the beer cans were emtied , then the rain came, we packed up early sunday and came home with out tails hung low, good thing we don't have tails........


Dan :coffeetime:

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