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Edmonton's N. Saskatchewan River Valley At Risk!


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Hi Everyone,


Kanata Metis Cultural Enterprises Ltd. has applied to amend the City of Edmonton's Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and change zoning to allow gravel mining in the river valley, specifically in the Big Island/Woodbend Natural Area; from what I understand, this is Edmonton's largest remaining natural area.


Please take a moment to visit the link below - the North Saskatchewan River Valley Conservation Society has posted information on the issue, along with contact information for Edmonton City Council. In addition, there is a City of Edmonton Public Hearing on May 16th.


North Saskatchewan River Valley Conservation Society


Thanks for your time,


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That vote really surprised me. City council publicly stated that the proposal could only be considered if it were deemed essential. I just don't see how anyone could look at the facts and justify calling that project essential.


Guess I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, eh?


I was kind of hoping that this issue might raise the profile of the NSR, and get a few more guys from the club to fish it. Any one who's interested, let me know. There's a couple other guys from the club that fish the NSR, and I can't speak for them, but contact me and I'll tell you everything I know. Should only take about two minutes. ;)

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One should take close note of who voted in favor of the gravel pit.

The economics from the City's perspective simply didn't make sense.

But then one has to remember the general rule that municipal governments always favor development over citizens concerns.

Developers get access and the ability to regularly lobby adminsitration and the councillors

And most councillors see development as an increase in the tax base, which trumps environmental concerns almost every time

Fortunately we have at least 7 who might think otherwise from time to time

Kudos to them!

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