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May 4th Meeting

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Presenter: Rod Boisvert

Pattern: Muddler Minnow

Hook: Mustad C53S - #6

Thread: Brown 6/0 Uni

Tail: Brown turkey strip – married

Body: Gold holographic tinsel

Under Wing: 1 - squirrel tail, 2- red calf tail

Over Wing: Turkey strip section + antelope body hair

Head: Antelope body hair spun

Pattern: Rod’s Damsel

Hook: Mustad C53S - #6

Thread: Olive 6/0 Uni

Tail: Olive marabou

Rib: Gold wire

Body: Olive marabou

Eyes: 30 lb brown maxima mono

Head: Olive marabou

Pattern: Polar Ice Wooly Bugger

Hook: Mustad Signature C53S - #6.

Bead: Gold 1/8 Tungsten.

Thread: Olive 6/0.

Tail: Olive Marabou.

Rib: Gold wire.

Body: Olive Crystal Chenille.

Over-Body: Olive Polar Ice chenille.

Comment: Rod will demonstrate three interesting patterns.

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