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May Newsletter Is Now Posted

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As seems to be customary with the NFLT newsletters, the May one contains a typo. :opps:

This time though, don't blame me, blame Dipper Dan :beating:

I just double checked his e-mail to me and he definitely said he was tying the Humpkinhead

And don't bother following some of those Google search result links :censored:


No wonder I couldn't find any fly pattern info via Google

Tonight Dipper Dan hands me the pattern info sheet for a Pumpkinhead :eek:


Well too bad! No last minute edit of the newsletter this time.

I'm not passing along the pattern info. You can Google it for yourself

Or better yet, come out on May 18th and see Dipper Dan tye it live :wave_smile:

Edited by dave robinson
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Ummmmm.....actually quite a few typo's......


Didn't purposely look for any but, two that stuck out are;


1) Don Andersen's name is spelled wrong!

2)The second "Intro to Flyfishing seminar" is quoted on page one as being April 4th and 5th....on page two it is shown as June 4th and 5th?????


BTW...is there no Conservation meeting in May?

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