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I suppose after already posting I should say hello properly. I moved here from Fort St. John B.C. last September and have only really had time to fish the pond in Beaumont, where I live.

Up north I fished for Dollies, Pike, Walleye, Grayling and brookies as well as Rainbows, with the flyrod, though I am not against fishing plastic baits once in awhile.

I have been tying off and on since I was 12, but I've sort of gone to "out of the box" tying which means I am not really good at any one thing, but I get by. I spend alot of time looking for new materials and do the bulk of my tying in the Winter of course.

I have held alot of swaps over the last few years, which has been alot of fun, but where I was living was not exactly fly tyer heaven as far as having other tyers to meet with and chat with, so having a club to join is a pretty cool thing. When my shift allows me to make a meeting I will be buying a membership. Looking forward to meeting more of you (met Scratch and Firefly at Muir).....Kerry :fishing:

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Welcome Kerry


I'll probably see you at BM some time, I go there whenever I can, because of the distance from my place, and I usually get a few little bows or craws. We could always use another swapper. We just finished up our first swap, and I'm sure there will be plenty more after the success of the first.


Tight lines

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