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Parachute's At Wed 02/9 Free Tie


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Just to let all know I have had several request on tying parachutes. I will set up a table Wed and any one that want to learn please drop in. I will have material with me if you don't.



I do my parachutes a bit different, but I will say it is a whole lot easier doing it, my way a beginner can do this fly.


main materials WING(post) Antron or poly Color your choice.

HOOK(dry fly) Size of your choice

HACKLE(1 size bigger then hook gap) color your choice

Rest of material dub(color & material of your choice) tail(either hair or stiff hackle, antron) again your choice.


See you at the club


Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump::coffeetime:

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Don't worry if they don't I'm sure I will have enough that you can have some for tying Wed night.


See you there Mica.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:


Thankyou both for the help last night... it's amazing how much simpler things are when you see them done in person instead of a still frame grab and instructions. ;)


Dennis ... my memory has failed me, what was the name of the company/website you ordered those pink/purple beads from ?

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Mica I got the beads at Helford Hides & Leather here in Edm. Addr. 8629 126 ave. It is just off the yellowhead. You can pull it up on the internet and it has a map. I believe that bag was $3.95 Bring lots of money because when you start brousing you going to find and see some real nice stuff.

Also beware of the stink it is a tannery and it is real ripe in that area. I wasn't to bad the day. Maybe because its winter. I went in the summer and I Almost lost my lunch it stunk so bad.


Good luck and any time you have questions let me know and I will do what I can or if I don't know there is someone at the club that will help.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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