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Crowsnest River, downstream of the East Hillcrest Bridge. Come on down -- there's open water at Leitch Colleries for sure (checked it out yesterday) and probably more at the TUC Burmis lease. Above zero temps for all of next week, so it can only open up even more. Bring lots of nymphs and midges -- right Vince? :lol: Terry

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I know this sounds like a dumb question, but i heard that someone was fly fishing in the winter. I'm wondering if there are places with open water that people can fish?




Steven, Greg here, if you would like some company for the trip, call me at 780-756-0897.
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Until end of Feb the Red Deer river below Dickson dam is open. This week is going to be really nice and I'm sure there will be a few try really hard to get there. Also If your really brave one could give the Stauffer a look but that could be real work at this time of year with all the snow.

Then of course you do have the Bow River in Calgary.

These can be fished on a one day fishing trip

Also as Terry said The Crowsnest is fishable but thats a overnighter to do it justices.


Terry be seeing you soon Apr is coming up. Lots of Terry's midges when We come and Big A--

worms this time.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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