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Tubeology Presentation-jan 26


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Tubeology is an innovative new system for tying tube flies, invented in the UK. Andy Kitchener, the inventor, will demonstrate how to use this system, explain the many uses of it, and also tye a few flies for us. To check it out ahead of time, visit www.tubeology.net.


The Blind Buggers Ball will be rescheduled for a later date.

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Thanks, Dave. I've met with Andy, so I have a little more info. For one, he's a great guy. Interested and interesting. As far as his presentation goes, he also has a powerpoint on his last trip for Golden Mahseer. He figures he has a good shot at the world record, but don't we all?


Bring a bait-chucker! If there's ever been a crossover product that could convert them to flyfishing, this is it.

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