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Future Fishing Dates


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I was wondering if the dates and locations for a few of the trips that have been talked about at the meeting could be posted here so there is time to be prepared.

Prepared in the way of making sure I can get those days off. Unfortunetly it takes more than a cpl days notice for me to book time off.

The trip that has my fancy at the moment is the grayling in september. I know its a ways away but the sooner I start planning the better.:canuck:



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Not sure on that one but I know I'm on holidays that week :clap::clap: and will be either at Brown Ck. or Castle River with the family. Will be chasing Cutts & Bulls. Started tying already :devil: . Got some new colours in rabbit strips(which I'm also selling) tying up Bastard kiwi Muddlers(basically my version) Killed bulls last yr with it and the odd bunny leech which again is a real killer on bulls and cutts. :thumbup::thumbup::fishing:


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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